Terms of sale

Terms of sale

They refer to the prices in force.


The delivery times are indicative . We will not be obliged to pay compensation whatsoever for any direct or indirect damages resulting from delay in delivery , as well as to disruption or total or partial resolution of the supply. The terms set out in the offer are always subject to force majeure.


It always performs at the sole risk of the buyer even if the price has been agreed for goods ex destiny. The material must be checked on arrival and in case of late arrival of the cargo partial loss or damage , shall be made , upon receipt of appropriate reserves or protests against the carrier . Upon written request of the customer shipments will be made in the insured for the amount of sale costs will be charged on the invoice.


On request ( only in Italian ) can be made at the customer no later than 10 days after delivery . After such terms as it deems performed with a favorable outcome. The costs of travel and subsistence (sec. rates ANIE ) of our staff and any other costs incurred in testing, will be borne by the customer.


Payments are due on the agreed terms , even in cases of delayed arrival of the goods or of failure or partial or total loss occurred during transport. The non-payment at maturity ago fide agreements. The G.S.E.I. will not make any payment reminder , but send all the relevant documentation to the legal advisor will charge you and the bank interest at the rate in force, bank charges , legal fees and expenses for loss of time taken by GSEI estimated at EUR 200.00 per practice.

Minimum billable

The minimum billable amount is set at EUR 150.00 free shipping. A lower amount may be granted only for spare parts or before sampling.


The materials are guaranteed for a period of 12 months ( except for a few products that will be mentioned in the offer the warranty period ) . From the day of delivery , provided that they are used according to the requirements of our technical data and those specified in the offer or acceptance of order. As a result of this guarantee , we are committed to the replacement of parts ( in our laboratory ) to be defective and the operation of which would show defective. Excluding any responsibility or liability for any direct or indirettti possibly caused.

Complaints and Disputes

Any complaints or claims regarding the materials provided must be reported within 15 days from the date of receipt , after this date we reserve the right to decline any liability arising from our guarantee commitments of which we quote in the article " guarantee." We do not accept return of goods if not expressly authorized by us . Defect in the goods will be returned at the expense of the buyer.


For every action or dispute is exclusively competent judicial authority of Genoa.