T-RS45 / 225PC 3 phase

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T-RS45 / 225PC 3 phase multifunction relay 240/440V AC 50Hz. (on request 60Hz.)


Static Relay T-RS PC series are built to operate within a control cabinet at 100% of rated current and ambient temperature of 45 ° C.
Have within them the speed fuses for protection against short circuit and varistors and RC the overvoltage protection.
This static relay is composed of three independent bodies wired to an external modular control board with moretti to extraction for easy
installation and maintenance.
Using two antiparallel power SCRs for switching the current to the loads. They can be programmed via DIP-SWITCH to operate in
Zero-crossing or Phase Angle. They are suitable for the control of resistive or inductive loads.
These versions come with power connection (UL 116Amp. 600V) and structure entirely in aluminum.
They are able to carry out the preheat Phase Angle and then automatically switch to zero-crossing.
Are ventilated versions from 65 and 85 Amp. In addition, the fan is activated by the integrated probe at 42 ° C of the heat sink, thereby
limiting Improper use which causes of the accumulation of impurities in the heat exchange surfaces.
The drive functions are performed with the synchronism and signaled via externally visible LEDs.
In case of incorrect synchronization, the breakage of at least one fuse and overtemperature of a heat sink is activated an alarm contact.

Via DIP-SWITCH located on the board, you can set both the
control signals and 5 different actuation methods.
Two functions with logic control (SSR) between 3-24VDC 2mA
three functions with analog controls (0-10V DC and potentiometer,
0-20mA, 4-20mA). (How FUNZIONUI table).






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